February 6, 2010

How this broke loser (me) annihilated a young, good looking, popular, and really really rich guy in the war for my ex ex girlfriend!

And how Jay Cataldo armed me with the weapon arsenal that got my ex girl back.

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About the Author Jess Jadon

  • Hey guys,

    My girl and I broke up almost two months ago. After the first 3 weeks of no contact from my side i started to talk to her. We are now already talking for 4 weeks. And that means just call once a week and some messages now and then. We talk about normal things, but also how we miss each other. We have a date in 2 weeks. But she is not really begging yet to get me back, and she is still very confused! What to do!?!?

    • Always give her more than what she asks for.

      If she asks for two weeks space and time to think, tell her, “I want you to really think about it, so take a month” In the meantime, I’ll be doing some thinking too.

      I sound crazy right? But I’m telling you the truth.

      But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Everyone’s situation is different, and I will need more information about your relationship and history, before I can give you better advice.

      It sounds like you have a good chance to get her back. You will just need to find what is NOT working and replace it with something that works. I can help you find it and fix it.

      Good luck, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


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    Book Your FREE Consultation!

    Your first call is 100% free. Click the button below to get started!