Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and love expert, has conducted extensive research on the science of love and relationships. She has studied the neural, hormonal, and evolutionary mechanisms that underlie romantic attraction and attachment, as well as the factors that contribute to infidelity.

According to Dr. Fisher, people can still cheat on their partners even when they are deeply in love with them. This is because love and sex are mediated by different brain systems, and the desire for sexual variety and novelty is a basic human instinct.

Dr. Fisher has identified three primary brain systems that underlie romantic love: the sex drive, romantic attraction, and attachment. The sex drive is responsible for our desire for sexual gratification, while romantic attraction is the intense focus on a particular individual that characterizes the early stages of a romantic relationship. Attachment is the deep sense of bonding and commitment that develops over time.

While all three systems can coexist in a single relationship, they are not necessarily connected. This means that someone can be deeply in love with their partner and still feel a strong urge to seek out sexual experiences with other people.

According to Dr. Fisher, infidelity is not necessarily a sign that someone is unhappy in their relationship or that they do not love their partner. Rather, it is a reflection of the complex interplay between our biological instincts and our cultural and social norms.

Ultimately, Dr. Fisher’s research suggests that infidelity is a common and complex phenomenon that is deeply rooted in human biology and evolution. While it can be painful and damaging to relationships, it is not necessarily a sign that love has disappeared.

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