Coping with emotional ups and downs during a breakup.

A lot of guys email me and tell me that they are pretty much over their ex girlfriends and that they are either ready to move on, or its kinda fun an they are not having any trouble using the system that I am recommending for them to get their ex girlfriends back:

And then suddenly I get an email from them at 2, 3, or 4 am telling me that they are freaking out and they miss their ex.

If you think you are able to handle your situation, and that you are cool regardless of what your girl does from now… you are probably wrong. I thought I was over my ex, and my clients often think that they are over theirs, but the truth of the matter is, we are usually just having a high point and feeling good about life.

Well, high points are kinda bad news… because that is when there is no where to go but crashing down into depression. I am not saying not to have a good time or be happy, but I am saying that right after a break up, you should be searching for stability, not super highs followed by depressing lows.

So I am telling you to avoid alcohol or any other type of thing that has any connection to your emotions. You need stability right now, so if you go out and party with those well intending friends, try to do it sober.

there are always ups and downs, but stay in the system and stay cool. You can get your girl back if you follow the system.

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